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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alberta School for the Deaf an inclusive education learning environment?

  • Yes. Setting the Direction is a proposed Alberta Education framework that defines an inclusive education system as "a way of thinking and acting that demonstrates universal acceptance of, and belonging for all students. Inclusive education in Alberta means a value-based approach to accepting responsibility for all students. It also means that all students will have equitable opportunity to be included in the typical learning environment or program of choice."

    We, at Alberta School for the Deaf and Tevie Miller Heritage School Program, are committed to meeting the needs of all of our d/Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing students in an inclusive learning environment with a common focus on excellence in communication, language and literacy. Our collaborative staff team celebrates diversity, capacity for learning, and takes responsibility for all of our students at our multi track school campus. Programming and related supports are in direct response to parent request / demand for our "program of choice."

What is the admission criteria for entrance to Alberta School for the Deaf?

Is American Sign Language (ASL) a language?

  • Yes. Edmonton Public Schools recognizes American Sign Language as a language and is supported through Edmonton Public School Administration Regulation and Board Policy as well as the Province of Alberta School Act. For more information, go to: 

                  EPSB - Language and Culture

                  EPSB - International Language Culture and Programs

                  EPSB - American Sign Language Bilingual

Can American Sign Language be used as entrance criteria into the University of Alberta?

Where can I take an American Sign Language class?

  • A number of opportunities exist in the Edmonton area for those interested in taking a class.  Whether you are embarking on the ASL language and culture journey for the first time or you plan to deepen your knowledge, skills, understanding and/or appreciation, the right class and level exists for you. Below are a few options:

ASL 15, 25, 35 - Contact Edmonton Public Schools for more information about which area high schools offer these courses

Metro Continuing Education 

ASL Immersion

Lakeland College Sign Language and Deaf Studies

University of Alberta Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

How can I get a name sign?  Does it need to come from someone in the Deaf community?

  • Yes. There are Deaf culture norms for how a person can get a name sign.  The links below provide additional information about how to get a name sign.

                     Deaf Culture: Name Signs

                     Name Signs

Where can I find out information about employment or volunteer opportunities at Alberta School for the Deaf?

  • Alberta School for the Deaf is a part of Edmonton Public Schools.  For information about employment opportunities, please go to EPSB Human Resources.

  • For information about volunteer opporutnities at Alberta School for the Deaf, please Contact Us.

What summer programs exist for students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing?

Is the Alberta School for the Deaf available for booking by the general public?

  • No.  Alberta School for the Deaf is a purpose-built facility designed to meet the educational and community needs of the d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. It is for exclusive use for the community in which it was designed and built for.  While space in the buildling is not available, the soccer fields west of the buildilng are available for booking through the City of Edmonton.